Plant molecular genetics group was formed at the University of Latvia in 2006 to carry out several research projects in plant biotechnology, including a project to address national research priority in agrobiotechnology. Group consists of several researchers and students of the Faculty of Biology, University of Latvia

Plant molecular genetics group at the University of Latvia carries out basic and applied research in the following areas:



Identification of genes, QTL and their control elements that determine yield and quality traits in Latvian crop plants with focus on traits affecting quality of human and animal foods

Methodology for assessment of genetic diversity in Latvian protected plant species and population genetics-based recommendations for in situ and ex situ conservation

Bioinformatics, biostatistics and quantitative genetics for development of molecular markers for different crop plant species and application of molecular markers for mapping of simple and quantitative traits

Development of lecture courses, seminars and laboratory exercises in plant molecular genetics and bioinformatics. Involvement of all level students in research projects carried out within the group and in collaboration with other groups at the Faculty of Biology, University of Latvia and with other universities and research institutes.