Research projects with participation of the Plant molecular genetics group, University of Latvia

European Social Fund project 1DP/

„Capacity building for interdisciplinary biosafety research”
Project web site

2010. - 2012. gads
Latvian Council of Science research grant 09.1095

"Identification and functional characterization of molecular mechanisms of hypersensitive response and disease resistance in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)

2009. - 2012.
National programme in Agrobiotechnology

Programme "Innovative technologies for production of high quality, safe and healthy food from genetically, physiologically and biochemically diverse plant and animal raw material"

Project 1 "Evaluation of Latvian field crop diversity and enhancement of breeding by application of modern biotechnologies"

2006. - 2009.
Ministry of Agriculture Rural Support Service research project "Assessment of risk factors and environmental effects of Genetically Modified Organisms" 2008. - 2009.
COST Action TD0801 „Statistical challenges on the 1000€ genome sequences in plants” (MoU not yet signed). 2009. - 2012.
University of Latvia research grant 2006/2-229702 "Application of molecular markers for plant biotechnology at the University of Latvia"  2006. - 2008.
Latvian Council of Science research grant 07.2055 "Assessment of genetic diversity and breeding potential in Latvian barley varieties and breeding lines based on high-throughput SNP genotyping" 2007.
COST Action FA0604 "Triticeace genomics for the advancement of essential European crops (TritiGen)".,
TritiGen COST Action FA0604 poster (Prof. R. Tuberosa)
2007. - 2010.